Choomahs are yellow creatures that once inhabited Choomah Island.

Choomahs are very erratic and crazy, and most are incapable of speech, with the exception of Bumble Brutus.

The Choomahs come in all shapes and sizes, and have different features. (e.g. some have teeth while others don't, some have two heads.)
Source of the Choomahs
Clarence's mysterious yellow formula is the source of the Choomahs (featured right).

Clarence is able to communicate with the Choomahs.

The Choomahs are voiced by Tom Hollis.

The name Choomah seems to come from tumour, as one of Jarrad Wright's friends, called "Dug", died from cancer , a disease that causes tumours.

According to Norton, Doctor C (Clarence) was instructed by King Larinox to make a formula that would result in the creation of super soldiers; instead it resulted in the creation of an abomination.

An abomination was created because Doctor C’s formula was sabotaged; we assume that it was Glen, as he was the first to find out that the formula had started agitating and moving vigorously.

The Choomahs caused the destruction of Kingdom Cum, not Leslie and Norton.

The Choomahs slaughtered the Kingdom Cumians, causing the planet to implode on itself.

According the Clarence, the Choomahs can “smell the sound waves”.

The Choomahs were destroyed by Clarence , when he exploded a Sassy Foods portable stove (SasM8) deep within Choomah Island.

The drawer of the Choomahs, Tom Hollis, has stated that he was "drawing Homer Simpson retarded," rather than just coming up with them.

Forms Edit

There are several known forms of Choomahs.

  • Standard - This form is the most commonly seen around Australia and it's surrounding oceans. It usually bellows a loud scream before attacking it's victim.
  • Large - This form is uncommon, and is known to knock out humans, jump incredible distances and easily break bones.
  • Choomahdactyl - This form consists of wings, and a standard body. This creature has only been seen with two legs, and sharp claws.
  • Behemoth- This form is the most rare, being only seen once in the Attack on Brown Town. The Behemoth is a massive mutated form of the Choomah, being several hundred times more larger than a standard human.
  • Thunderer - This rare form has only been seen once in the Attack on Brown Town. This form has the capability to shatter the ground and send tearing earthquakes in a direction to strike someone and knock them off their feet.
  • Special Form : Brutus - Bumble Brutus is the only known "Brutus" Choomah known to exist. He was seen with wings, a large stinger, and exceptional strength.
  • Special Form : Choomahviathan- This Choomah was by far the largest seen on the show, however, its life was short-lived and as a result its abilities are not fully known.
  • Special Form : Two-Headed Jumper -This is very rare Choomah only seen once on the show. It has two heads, two arms, and two legs. It has a remarkable jumping height and it was able to jump up and take down a plane.
Choomah 2
Choomahs 3

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