"Oh my goodness did you just fucking see that!?"

Cock Nostril
Cock Nostril
Gender Male
Hair Brown

Place of Birth


Occupation News Reporter
Family None
First Appearance "GOIN' BACK "
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Only appeared in GOIN' BACK "

Cock Nostril is a news reporter for Channel 69 Breaking Nooz and works with presenter, Simon Sniffcock.


Cock is reporting at the scene of the prison of Brown Town, he is reporting the events as seen through the camera. A Choomah was said to be ripping prisonners apart as a poorly drawn vehicle backs up with a bunch of prisoners escaping, those being Lez, Sassy, Wayno, Scruffy, Owly, Clarence and Sergio. Nostril signs off back to Simon.

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