"Fiddy Bucks!"

  Donny the Dealer
Donny the Dealer
Gender Male
Hair Green Body Hair

Place of Birth


Occupation Salesman
Family None
First Appearance "The Volcano Bong "
Status Alive
Series lifespan "The Volcano Bong " to Present

Donny the Dealer is a member of Sassy's crew and one of the funnier characters in The Big Lez Show. He also frequently uses the Volcano Bong. In Season 1, Donny was an occurring character and Sassy's good friend. But from Season 2 onwards, he has become one of the most popular and loved characters in the show, consistently showing a good frienship with Lez, Sassy and Mike Nolan.


Before the invention of Google (pre 1998), Donny visited Choomah Island with Sassy. When Doctor C landed on Choomah Island, Sassy identified him instantly as Clarence. Donny decided to help Clarence get back on his feet by allowing him to work at his shop 'Donny's Shop'.

Presently, Donny has a very relaxed and laidback perspective on living. He is a heavy user of drugs. Donny travelled with Lez and Sassy to Choomah Island to discover the presence of Choomahs. Donny was arrested whilst driving to a water park for possessing drugs, but then ran away from the cops.

Donny reappered at the Volcano Bong with Mike Nolan when Lez and the rest of Sassy's crew had just come out of jail. Donny played a significant role in the Battle for Brown Town, fighting the Choomahs with a Mingun and saving Warning Guy's life in the process.

When Quinton entered Lez's storage room and found Sassy's crew smoking illicit drugs, Donny called him a pussy for not trying some. Donny went down into Lez's basement, along with Sassy and Mike Nolan to see Glenworld, an artificial playset created by Lez. They then discuss the possibility of them returning to Choomah Island for a second time.

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