Glen is a janitor that briefly appears in the episode called "Potadahead".

Glenworld is based off him.

In Glenworld, Glens have such jobs as “principals, managers, accountants, business owners and lawyers”.

Glen was one of the scientists working for Doctor C. During Doctor C's surprise party, Glen warns him that he heard some screams coming from his office (as well as stating it smelt like shit in there). After investigating, Doctor C is mutated in to a hideous form. Shocked and disgusted, Glen and the other scientists throw Doctor C (and his Experiment) in to a escape shuttle. He is then sent to drift in space.

Glen, alongside every other Kingdom Kumian (minus Leslie Mackeral, Norton Sparkles, King Larrinox, Doctor C, Ellis Warnington and Sergio Warnington), was killed in the massive Choomah outbreak shortly after Lez and Norton's exile.

Glen from Glenworld