"It's my kingdom! Not yours! Now get the fuck away from my ship you fat bastard!"

-King Laranox to Big Lez
King Laranox
King Larrinox
Gender Male
Hair Orange

Place of Birth

Kingdom Cum

Occupation King of Kingdom Cum

Leslie Mackeral (Son)

Norton Sparkles (Son)

Quinton (Adoptive Grandson)

First Appearance "THE BRUTAL TRUTH "
Status Alive
Series lifespan "THE BRUTAL TRUTH " to Present

King Laranox is the king of Kingdom Cum, and the hidden Overall Antagonist of the Big Lez Show.

He is the father of Leslie and Norton.


About sixty years before the events of the series, King Laranox was at the position to choose out of which of his sons would take his place as heir to the throne by the next day. During this time, Laranox had also persuaded Doctor C to create a formula under unknown circumstances for super soldiers. Lez and Norton had celebrated with a drink that night however had spiked each others drinks, in turn waking up passed out on the floor the day after. The King had shown them what they had done to the city and then banished them from Kingdom Cum forever.

Ever since the formula had shattered, a large Choomah outbreak had destroyed the planet and King Laranox had escaped. At one stage King Laranox is seen at the rooftop during Attack of the Choomah's in front of Lez, revealing that Cecil is next in line to become King and then is last seen escaping in his spaceship. Norton was also revealed to be working with Laranox.

Through Leslie's drug hallucinations, his subconscious of King Laranox is frequently seen insulting him.

King Laranox recently named Cecil the Sasquatch, leader of the Choomah army, as the heir to Kingdom Cum, despite the fact he was secretly working with his son, Norton. However, Norton was murdered on Choomah Island before it's destruction and Cecil has been severely wounded and captured by the Warnington brothers. This means that the rightful and official heir is none other than Laranox's hot headed arch enemy and last living son; Big Lez himself, with Quinton already waiting in line as Lez's heir.

King Laranox will return as the main antagonist of Season 4, most likely seeking revenge for the destruction of his Choomah army, the capture of his commander and ally Cecil, the annihilation of his base of operations, his hatred of his son Lez, and also possibly wanting revenge for the murder of his son Norton, despite the fact he was an incredibly strict father and has never shown any love towards his family.