"I smell marijuana!" 
I Smell Marijuana
-Big Lez
  Leslie Mackerel
Leslie Mackerel


Kingdom Cumian
Gender Male
Hair Grey (formerly Blonde)

Place of Birth

Kingdom Cum

Occupation Prince of Kingdom Cum (Formerly)



Norton Sparkles - Brother (Deceased)

Unknown Mother

King Larrinox - Father

Quinton - Adoptive Son

First Appearance "The Flowers "
Status Alive
Series lifespan "The Flowers " to Present

Voiced by

Jarrad Wright

Leslie Mackerel, also known as "Big Lez" or "Lez", is the main character and protagonist in The Big Lez Show. Leslie is the character that the show is based off.

Kingdom Cum

Leslie was born on Kingdom Cum, a far off planet where its inhabitants exhibit super strength and extended life expectancies. Leslie, along with his brother Norton Sparkles, both lived in Horizons End city. It is unknown who Leslie's mother is.

There came a time where Leslie's dad, the King Larinnox, wanted to step down and allow one of his sons to take his place. Leslie and Norton both celebrated this occasion. To sabotage Leslie's chances of becoming king, Norton spiked his alcoholic drink with an unknown substance. Unfortunately, Leslie had the same idea, and spiked his brother's drink as well.

While they were under the influence of the drug, they trashed Horizons End city, and in doing so, their father banished them from the planet and sent them drifting in space and time forever, never to return.

Australian Life

After an unknown amount of time, Leslie and Norton's space pod crash landed in Australia. After the landing, both Leslie and Norton parted ways to begin a new life. Somehow, Leslie got a job and earned enough money to buy a house. Roughly 10 years ago present time, Leslie was startled by a baby, screaming on his doorstep. Leslie took in the baby as his own and named him Quinton.

Season 1 Edit

Lez is first seen sitting on his front lawn, watching his brother, Norton Sparkles, plant a small collection of flowers in his front yard. After Lez berates his brother saying he "couldn't grow a dick if he tried", Norton runs inside his house, yelling curses. After Norton retreats into his house, Lez gets up and trashes his flowers. Afterwards Quinton comes out of the house with a phone and gives it to Lez. Norton is on the phone, and exclaiming that he saw Lez trash his newly planted flowers with his CCTV camera. Lez blames it on the local teenagers, as Sassy says in the background "You just told me you did it". Norton claims that he will have his revenge. Lez calls him a sook.

Later Sassy recieves a call from Lez. Lez is at home watching TV with Quinten. Lez asks what Sassy is doing, and he says he is at the Volcano Bong with his crew and asks what Lez is doing. Lez then says Quentin is "giving him shit" Quentin then curses at Lez and Lez tells him angrily to shut up. Sassy asks if Lez wants to come over. Lez comes along and starts smoking the Volcano Bong while being urged on by Sassy and Wayn-O. Early one morning, Norton comes out of his house and shits into Leslie's letterbox. Clarence is doing his daily mail run when he arrives at Leslie's house. As he places his hand and the local paper inside his letterbox, he smuthers his hand in Norton's shit. Clarence wonders up to Lez's front door and knocks several times. When Lez answers the door (but not before slamming the door in Clarence's face the first) Clarence explains that there is "poo" in his letterbox. When Lez comes outside and inspects his letterbox and finds the poo in there, Lez swears revenge on Norton. Clarence asks who Norton is, but Lez tells him to fuck off.

Lez calls the local trade and friend Mike Nolan to fix his letterbox. Whilst he is doing that, Sassy appears and begins a conversation with Lez. He then procedes to consuming and illicit drug. After Mike removes the letterbox from the post , Lez inspects, then throws it at Norton's window laughing and says "fuckin teach him to shit in my mailbox" Nolezy installs a new letterbox, which Lez thanks him for. Sassy does the same, except with a rock Lez asks if that was him Sassy then says "Wadiyatakinabeet" It is Father's day and Lez and Quinton are both in bed. When it reaches 12:00 midnight on Fathers Day, Lez wakes up and yells out "Fathers Day!, presents, chop chop". Quinton runs into his bedroom with his present. After looking inside his present box, Lez's face turns expressionless. He says he hates three things in this world. Norton, Cats and Bobbleheads. After saying this, he reveals he got a bobblehead of himself for Fathers Day. Lez asks Quinton to get out of his room but then reveals he likes bubbleheads.

Later a cop shows up at Leslie's house, claiming that he has reports from Norton that Lez has been terrorising his premises. Lez and the cop hit golf balls into Norton's house. The cop lets Lez off the hook because Norton is a fuckwit and a pest. Norton then shouts he's a disgrace to the police force before a golf ball narrowly misses his head, the officers next shot hits Norton square in the face, Lez and the cop laugh at Norton. The cop and Lez continue to hit golf balls into Norton's house for the rest of the day.

The next morning, Lez wakes to find that Norton has yet again dumped in his letterbox. Lez takes things in his own hands and walks over to Norton's house. When the door opens, Lez punches Norton in the face and throws him outside through his front window. Lez grabs Norton and continues to assault him, without knowing that Quinton is watching. Quinton screams at them to stop, but Norton hits and kicks Lez into his garage.

Lez awakes and turns Norton's car on, drives through the garage door, hits Norton and crashes the car into his own garage. Lez and Norton begin choking each other. Quinton yet again tells them to stop, and he asks for the truth. Norton claims that Lez betrayed him and they begin fighting again. Quinton yells stop again and Norton tells him they are brothers from a different world called Kingdom Cum. Later Lez tells Quentin his origins and Quniton his own origins too. Lez then reveals he is building a spaceship (By using Quinton's child support money) to fly back to Kingdom Cum to confront his father.

Choomah Island Edit

Lez and Quinton are sitting in their kitchen when Lez announces that Mike Nolan had gone missing 2 weeks ago. Quinton claims it was probably one of the yellow things that Lez had been seeing around. He claims that they are not real, but Lez disagrees. Then, Sassy comes to Lez's front door and gives the usual greeting. Lez tells him it's 7am in the morning, and then a large red object catches his eye. "Is that a plane outside my house?", he says, and Sassy says he and Donny found it outside a Coles. Donny yells from the cockpit about when they are going, and Sassy offers a plane trip to Lez around the Pacific Ocean.

During the flight, Sassy spots an "island out of nowhere". Lez questions Sassy if they have enough petrol to get back to Australia. Sassy says they'll be fine, unless Donny "snorted all the fuckin petrol". While Sassy and Donny are arguing a Choomah suddenly appears at the plane's window, and when Lez gazes over, the Choomah screams and splits the plane in half, sending Sassy and Donny away from Lez. Lez plummets towards an island below. Lez somehow survives the crash and awakes unharmed. That night he builds a campfire and lounges around, a strong wind comes and blows out his fire. Out the back of his ear, Lez hears a rustling in the bushes behind him. He turns and wonders through the bushes. After some time, he finds Sassy and Donny camping out whilst playing some music and smoking weed. Lez, obviously distressed, yells at them why they did not bother looking for him, and having a "party in the jungle" without him and don't realise how bad the situation is as they are stranded on a island.

Donny then turns of the radio and asks Lez and Sassy if they heard anything. Donny and Sassy bolt off into the jungle, while Lez stays at the campsite. Through the rustling of bushes, a Choomah appears. Lez starts sprinting off, screaming until he finds the wreckage of a similar plane to Sassy's lying up against a tree. He takes shelter inside the plane wreckage and finds a half-dead pilot inside. He wakes up, vomiting, and Lez moans in disgust. The man walks outside of the plane wreckage and looks up. The beefy arm of a Choomah picks him up, breaks his neck, and throttles him to the ground with 2 heavy stomps.

Lez survives the night in the wrecked plane and finds the man outside with his face impounded into the ground. Lez leaves the scene, and walks into a nearby bush. The familiar rustling of a bush startles Lez, and turns around to find a Choomah behind him. He punches it in the face, as more of them appear. Lez makes multiple threats, and as a Choomah is about to eat Lez, the Choomah is shot. The surrounding Choomahs then get shot, their heads blowing up, and fall to the ground. Lez turns around to find Mike Nolan with a shotgun. Mike explains how he has survived all this time and takes Lez to his campsite.Once Mike and Lez reach his hilltop campsite, Mike hands Lez a 'present'. The present is a shotgun, named Doris. Mike explains to Lez that he'll need guns, ammunition and a pack of smokes. Whilst Lez is studying his new gun, Mike pulls out a pack of cigarettes and begins smoking. Lez notices that Mike does not exhale the nicotine smoke. Mike explains that you don't get the full experience of a cigarette if you blow the smoke out. Lez is very confused, and states that Mike is going to die. As soon as he has said that, a Choomah comes out of nowhere and begins to repeatedly punch Lez. Lez reaches out, grabs it's face and rips it off. Lez turns around and finds another Choomah screaming at him. Lez kicks it and sends it flying over a cliff. Lez lands and rips out his new shotgun. Lez then kills another three Choomahs, before turning around and finding a massive Choomah. He screams as he dodges his attacks, before the Choomahs unusual stinger hits Lez and sends him flying towards a tree. As Lez awakes, the Choomah says his name. He introduces himself as Bumble Brutus, and he has lots of questions for Lez. He wants to know why he is on his island. Bumble Brutus seems to know a lot about Lez's past and claims that Kingdom Cum is destroyed, and he is surprised that six Kingdom Cumians survived. Lez doesn't believe him. Lez rips out his shotgun, shoots out Bumble Brutus' eyes, then his sting before killing him Lez tells Bumble Brutus he can leave the "Whenever the fuck I want you yellow piece of shit" before shooting him in the face and killing him.

Lez turns around to find a Choomah screaming at him. Lez shoots his shotgun and kills the first Choomah, and then runs out of ammunition. Several other Choomahs appear out of the bush and shrubs. Lez races out of the bush to find Mike Nolan, Sassy, Donny and Clarence on the beach beckoning at them to get in the boat. Clarence then asks why Lez is here but Lez pushes him to the ground and escapes with Donny, Sassy and Nolezy and leaving Clarence behind with the Choomah's Whilst sailing away from the island, Sassy asks is Clarence will be alright. Lez then asks Nolezy if he would like to help him with a project of his (The spaceship), which Nolezy accepts.

Season 2 Edit

Lez continues to work on building his spaceship with Nolezy's assistance. Lez then experience a Trippa Snippa tripout when he eats one of Sassy's Trippa Snippa's sandwiches. Lez went to the pokies with Mike Nolan, and meets up with Sassy and Donny. Sassy forces him to use the rest of his money, but luckily he wins $100,000,000 which is enough to pay for his spaceship. At the end of Season 2, Leslie gives in and buys Quinton an Xbox.

After a confrontation over Norton's birthday party, Lez is arrested for assault, and falsely accused of murdering a sack of cute puppys. Lez is life sentenced to prison. After finding out that Sassy's crew (minus Donny, who legged it before he could be arrested), and Ellis's cousin, Sergio are in the prison, they find themselves being rescued as soon as a large Choomah crashes through the prison wall.

Leslie then decides to begin a voyage in his spaceship on the way to Kingdom Cum, along with Donny, Sassy and Ellis. Upon arriving, they realise that it has been destroyed and they head back for Earth. When they crash land, Leslie and Ellis fight Choomahs and Leslie comes across their leader, Cecil the Sasquatch. Cecil reveals that he has attacked Brown Town because he wants revenge for the murder of Bumble Brutus. Extremely angry, Cecil throws Leslie off a building.

Leslie somehow manages to land on a Choomahdactyl, and smashes Cecil to the ground, through the roof and into the sewers. After losing Cecil, Lez meets up with the rest of the crew, whom are trying to get to the roof of the pink building. After seeing trails of excrement leading up some stairs, Lez is horrified to see King Larinnox with Cecil, who is screaming at Lez that Cecil is the next heir to the throne of Kingdom Cum. After a brief conversation, King Larinnox escapes with Cecil in a large spaceship.

After returning from the Battle of Brown Town, he confronts Norton and knocks him out. Lez takes Quinton back into his custody, and tells Quinton that although he's very hard on him and will continue to be in the future, he still thinks of him as a son, promising him that one day (if he's good enough) he can become a true Mackerel. He then surprises him with an Xbox 360 before chilling on his front lawn in deck chairs with Sassy. He brings up the fact that they can now get onto the real story, but Sassy notes that it doesn't matter whether the story makes sense as long as the have a good time (breaking the forth wall). Lez smiles and agrees that there will be 'lots of fucked up stories to be had' and hopes that the yellow things (Choomahs) won't come back.

Season 3 Edit

After an unknown amount of time, Lez spots Sassy and his crew installing the Gamma Max 2063 V2.0 Platinum Edition on Sassy's roof. Lez goes with Sassy to a cinema after eating some "Hesh cookies" but Doony informs him that he mixed up the bags and they ate herione cookies which causes LEz to suffer a major trip out. Later Quinton asks Lez if they are financially stable, which Lez says they are and the only thing he should be concerned about is that he has a roof over his head. Quinton then pulls out a receipt for "Glenn doll accessories" which Lez snatches away and walks off. Later that night Quinton sneaks into the basement and sees Lez playing with an unseen object. Lez spots him and yells at Quinton and tells him if he ever goes in there he will kill him. A few days later Lez is talking with Clarence. Clarence reveals to Lez they must go back to Choomah Island and destroy the nest. Telling Clarence he'll 'think about it' and to "get the fuck off my lawn", Lez leaves him. Later Lez is seen with Sassy, Mike Nolan and Donny in Lez's basement where he reveals his new playset; Glennworld, which Sassy and the others think is 'sick'. Sassy then asks why Lez isn't doing any 'skits adventures' anymore and try to convince him to go another adventure Lez is reluctant at first but then suggests they go back to Choomah Island and go kill some Choomahs, which Sassy, Donny and Nolezy all agree eagerly.

Choomah Island 2 Edit

Before leaving for the most dangerous adventure of his life, Lez gets all pumped up and positive in his bathroom, yelling "I'm big Lez!" and other stuff. He eventually punches a mirror and wakes Quinton up. He tells Quinton he is going on a mission with the boys and that Quinton is staying behind, minus any electricity as Lez has turned it off. Donny comes over and they go to the plane the team will be taking. He asks Donny if he found it outside Woolworths, but Donny says they stole it from a military base off the coast of Puerto Rica. They talk about the idea of converting rubbish into fuel and share a joint before take off.

During the flight, Lez talks about why he hates Norton and gayness, but not homosexuality. Nolan proceeds to give insight on armed policing in society as Donny hands out camouflaged bucket hats to everyone. As the plane flies over Choomah Island, Lez skydives with the gang and they successfully parachute down onto the island. When they land, Sassy gives Lez a joint and tells him to smoke it when he is lost, but warns him that once he opens 'that door' and walks through it, he will never go back; Lez reluctantly and confusingly accepts the joint. The gang equip their guns and supplies and start walking across the island, searching for the Choomah Hive. However, Donny spots some blue-mean-eyes (psychedelic mushrooms) and everyone but Clarence gets high. As Lez discusses a dream with Nolan, he spots a shining object falling out of the sky and landing in the distance on the far side of the island. Delirious and intrigued, Lez wanders off from the group, carrying nothing but Sassy's joint and a shotgun.

Sure enough, Lez is soon all alone in the forest and is eventually attacked by a solitary Choomah. He hides in a cluster of bushes, his senses peaking from the mushrooms effects, and cautiously monitors the area around him while he is taking a dump. He spots a lonely nearby Choomah and is about to kill it, when another attacks; Lez kills the latter before the first chokes him against a tree. Lez manages to grab a tree branch and stab the choomah in the eye before killing it with a shotgun. As he looks out over the island, he decides to smoke the joint that Sassy gave him and trips out. He enters a psychedelic dimensions and meets Sassy, who appears as a part of his subconscious. As they discuss Lez's cognitive dissonance, Sassy explains to him that everything is created by Microsoft Paint and that Lez needs to write his own story, not someone else doing it for him. Sassy also convinces Lez that the real reason he wants to kill Norton is not because of their long-lasting rivalry, but because Lez just wants to be happy.

After the trip he starts yelling 'MMMMMMmmmmm' and other words to get him pumped up. He spots the light in the distance and walks towards it. He sneaks up the hill next to it and discovers Norton and a pink spaceship. He startles Norton and chases after him, eventually covering him against a sheer cliff. Norton says Lez can't kill him because he has answers to lots of things. He reveals why Kingdom Cum was destroyed, what King Larrinox is planning and also about cyborg policemen. Norton tries to trick him into being kind and telling Lez to join him and King Larrinox as a family again. However, he hugs Lez and attempts to shank him, but Lez shoots him with a pink gun several times before finally shooting his brother in the head and killing him.

Lez is later found by Warning Guy and Sergio (whom had just killed Cecil and captured the Nugget man) next to the cliff. Lez kicks Norton on the sharp rocks down below, impaling the dead corpse. Lez, Warning Guy and Sergio steal Norton's spaceship with their prisoners, Cecil and Nugget man, and hover up above the island. They meet the Sasquatches and Nolan in a helicopter. Lez tells them he killed Norton. The island revealing to be an enormous choomah surprises them all. The Sasquatches escape back to the mainland in the helicopter, but the spaceship is grabbed by the choomah and it throws the spaceship into the lighthouse, Lez however cling to it's arm, taunting and shooting it repeatedly. Inside the choomah, Clarence, whom had fallen down earlier, activates the SasM8 bomb and the choomah island explodes. Lez bodysurfs back to shore and tells them Sasquatches he blew the island up, not believing it was Clarence. Lez and Sassy end the episode by chilling in Lez's front lawn.

Season 4 Edit

After an unknown amount of time, Lez is seen wandering through the desert with a cloak, hat, rifle, new bush clothes and a robotic hand/glove and comes across a seemingly abandoned train station. After checking with his sniper to see if there any threats, he then proceeds to the train station where a stranger is sitting in the bar drinking a beer. Lez enters the bar, parched and thirsty and quickly drains another other beer on the counter before collapsing in exhaustion. The stranger introduces himself as Taipan Pete, who acts kindly to Lez and tells him he could have beer for free. Lez says he is on a "skits mission" too skits to go in detail. Lez asks Taipan Pete what he is doing here and Taipan Pete says he is waiting for a train revealing he is travelling to North Queensland, which is where Lez is going and will arrive later this afternoon. After Taipan Pete mentions some extra kegs of beer round the back, Lez brightens up and decides he has time to tell his story, though warns Taipan Pete it's "probably gonna be the fucken skitsist story you've ever heard in ya fucken life.".

The story flashes back to a clear sunny day in Brown Town, where Lez watches from his front lawn as Nolezy hammers in a 'For Sale' sign on the front lawn of Norton's house. Nolezy and Lez chat about what they got out of Norton's belongings - due to Lez secretly putting them in Norton's will. Lez talks about his new TV set with surround sound, pots and pans, cutlery, a coffee plunger, but is annoyed that all the clothes were the 'gayest shit'. Nolezy got some tools (which weren't that good) and a hard-going lawnmower. After giving him the morning paper - as he is the new postman replacing Clarence since he is publicly believed to be dead - and a batch of weed called "Jehovah's Witness", Nolezy leaves doing a wheelie on his postman bike. Pleased that it's a lovely peaceful day (exactly what he wanted after Norton's death), Lez heads round to his backyard, rolls a fresh joint with Jehovah's Witness and pours himself some coffee. But, as Lez takes his first sip of coffee, a Choomah charges through his back window and tackles him onto the grass. Lez grapples with the Choomah and ties a hose around its neck, before yelling at a shocked Quinton to turn the hose on. Quinton does so and the pressure causes the Choomah's head to explode. Lez tells Quinton to get in the basement for safety and to not touch Glennworld, as well as promising to come back for him. Lez jumps his fence into the Sasquatches' houses backyard, spotting lots of needles, nuclear waste and various other dangerous things. Lez grabs a machete lodged in a doll's split head, hacks a nearby Choomah to death with it, before heading over to Donny's old stash of guns under the Lantana bush. Noticing three Choomahs nearby, Lez ties a zip tie to the ray gun, begins charging it to it's maximum power, and calls out to get the Choomahs' attention. As they charge at him, he flings the ray gun at them and it explodes midair, incinerating the Choomahs. Satisfied so far but remembering that there will most likely be more, he proceeds back to the town streets with a loaded glock and rifle.

As he emerges from the bush, Lez spots Deadnu outside Scruffy's servo, who is missing a leg and begins screaming random stuff at him. As Lez tries to help, a massive choomah appears and smashes Deadnu's head with an uprooted sign. Lez shoots it three times but it doesn't seem to affect it. As the choomah prepares to attack Lez, it is killed with a sudden shot to the eye from behind. Lez spots his saviour and good friend at the top of the street outside his shop; Donny the Dealer. Lez then greets Donny warmly at his shop and they discuss on how the Choomahs are back following the destruction of their home, Choomah Island. Lez is then greeted by Sassy, who jokes about Donny's disbelief in thinking the Choomahs would return. Donny explains that he'll 'believe things when he sees them', to which Sassy replies "you'll see it when you believe it." Donny and Sassy ask Lez how many Choomahs he killed. Lez explains how he killed the choomah with a hose and then exaggerates his story with the ray gun, boasting he killed 50 Choomah's (he actually only killed three). Lez then asks what's the plan and Sassy then points at the mountain says they're gonna meet a few mates up there. Wayne-O and Scruffy emerge and ask if they are finally going. Suddenly, Nolezy appears shooting at unseen Choomahs. Lez, Donny, Scruffy, Wayn-O, Nolezy and Sassy then escape Brown Town and head towards the mountain. One Choomah tries to jump up at them but Lez shoots it in the head mid-air. They all then continue their escape to the mountain through the hayfields.

Lez watches over Brown Town from Mount Wollumbin, the town now overrun with Choomahs. He shares a brief conversation with Wayne-O, who tells him a bit about the rocks that can be found in the creek before the two of them go to join the fellas. Wayne-O leads him to a dark cave, that Lez is reluctant to enter but eventually does after Wayne-O tells him he has to now that he knows the location and mustn't tell anyone. Lez and Wayne-O walk through to a hidden glade in the mountain full of Sasquatches drinking beers and having sausage sizzles. The place also has huge stone columns and formations with mysterious symbols painted onto them. Wayne-O reveals to Lez that this is an SSS meeting; SSS standing for the Secret Sasquatch Society, with Sasquatches from Australia, New Zealand, and even from the USA. Lez meets a white Sasquatch from New Zealand called Gizzard, who tells Lez, Sassy and Wayne-O the story of how he encountered three cyclones whilst standup paddle-boarding from New Zealand. After speaking to Owlie, in the Canary Islands for the mating season, on the phone and meeting the Devil himself, the Sasquatches and Nolan take him to the Plac-Key bong. Lez enjoys the freedom of being in his imagination, doing what he's wanted this whole time; just to relax in a life without any worries and free of his father and brother. However, Sassy then reminds him he left Quinton behind in Brown Town and Lez immediately snaps out of the trip and runs off to rescue Quinton. Before he leaves however, the Devil gives him a stealthier set of clothes, a silencer for his handgun and some chilling advice about what should happen to him if he's spotted by the police. Wayne-O also gives him a small mysterious rock and tells him to follow the train tracks north once he's rescued Quinton where the fellas will meet him.

By the time Lez has arrived back at Brown Town, it's nighttime and a huge rainless thunderstorm has blown up. After evading the police, Lez snatches a few marijuana leaves from the small garden beside Donny's Shop before noticing a large weed. He decides to pull it up, but is horrified to see that the roots are part of a hand and arm. Lez watches in shock as a green figure climbs out of the ground and stands up before Lez; Clarence. Clarence is overjoyed that someone has finally pulled him up, but Lez is furious that Clarence is still alive and threatens him that the only reason he wouldn't shoot him is because Clarence would just grow back from the wounds. He then leaves Clarence behind before shooting him twice, which Clarence compliments him by saying "Good shot, Lez." Lez arrives at his house to find his furniture and appliances missing with bullet holes all over the house, as well as the basement door heavily damaged. Heading inside the basement, he finds Glenworld gone and Quinton missing, the only thing left is a small Glendoll head, which pelts at the ground as he bellows in rage.

Back in the present day, Lez is still taking a piss outside whilst telling the story to Taipan Pete. He tells Pete how they took everything from him; clothes, pot and pans, socks, undies, even his teabags. Finishing his piss, he looks out across the quiet plains of orange and red soil, taking note of the tranquility and peace of the Australian outback's beautiful landscape. Whilst admiring it, Pete asks him about the large device on his forearm that he noticed earlier. Lez replies it's called a 'fourie', and tells Pete how he got it just after he spoke to his father.

Flashing back to Brown Town, Lez has left his basement after failing to find and save Quinton. Lez silently exits his house through his garage, a grim expression on his face. He notices Norton's house across the street and, feeling suspicious, decides to search it for any secrets. However, he notices the police are still at the top of his street and will see him if he tries to cross the road. Taking the small quartz crystal that Wayne-O gave him out of his pocket, he remembers what Wayne-O said to him: "Trust me mate, you're gonna need it. Cause there's gonna be a time when you fucken need it the most." Lez realises Wayne-O was right, and he hauls it over the houses and hits the steel shed behind Donny's shop that he'd jumped down from earlier. This time, without the sound of the thunder to block the noise out, the cops are distracted and Lez sprints across the street and jumps over Norton's fence whilst Officer Hawthorne goes to investigate the noise.

Lez kicks open the back door under the cover of rumbling thunder and goes straight for Norton's bedroom. He finds Norton's bed with the words Here Sleeps A Norty King written on it, but is mostly interested in a picture hanging on the wall of Norton and their father King Laranox chilling out at the beach together, officially confirming Norton's alliance with the cruel King. Searching inside his cupboard with the sounds of Clarence getting swiss-cheesed by Officer Hawthorne in the distance, Lez discovers a secret elevator. Taking the elevator underground, he finds a huge secret lair beneath the road of two spaceships and a large surveillance system, with secret cameras spying on various locations in Brown Town; including Lez's toilet, the front of Mike Nolan's house, even Quinton's bedroom. Furious, he punches a 'Daddy Speed Dial' button, which begins calling his father. When his father picks up in an overjoyed voice - thinking that it's Norton - Lez remains quiet as his father asks if he's 'finished the job'. Laronox becomes agitated when he's given no reply, but then realises that Norton, being very submissive to his father, would've answered by now. Laranox deduces it's Lez, and calls him 'Leslie', which Lez growls to his father not to call him that, despite Laranox reminding him it's his birthright name. Lez tells his father that Norton is dead and reveals how he killed him on Choomah Island and dumped his corpse in the Pacific Ocean, although Laranox doesn't believe him at first. Lez threatens his father and tells him he's coming for revenge. Laranox nevertheless ignores his son's threats and brags about how his soldiers hold the fate of Earth in his hands and that he will prevail in his plans. Unfazed, Lez mocks his father by claiming he'll replace his heart with a big piece of shit after he's killed him, which sends Laranox into a rage, causing Lez to hang up. Lez then notices an armed protection sleeve of advanced technology - the fourie - in the corner and puts it on.

As the police beat Clarence bloody, a rumble is heard and a fiery ball of energy blasts the end of road apart from underneath it. Lez leaps out from the crater and confronts the officers who yell at him to get on the ground. Lez ignores them and blasts another fireball at them with the fourie; the explosion kills the police officers and destroys their car. Suddenly, the police chopper arrives and spotlights Lez, who fires another fireball at the chopper. However, the chopper is force fielded and starts returning fire at Lez, who jumps back down into Norton's lair. Moments later, he hovers out from underground in one of Norton's spaceships, which amazes Clarence. The police chopper opens fire again, but the UFO is bulletproof. Lez replies "my turn" and uses a zero gravity ray gun, that snatches the chopper out of the sky and hurls it to the ground, smashing it into Clarence's house, mostly destroying both. A sad Clarence moans about his newspaper collection from the 1800's and a bunch of different envelope types he'd been collecting. When he guesses his coin collection probably survived, Lez blasts the rubble and chopper with another ray, completely annihilating the house. Lez gives Clarence a cold look before flying off.

As he flies over the valley, Lez calls Donny from his ship and tells him everything that happened. Donny tells Lez that they have found where King Laranox is hiding out; North Queensland, but doesn't say anything else since someone could eavesdrop on a mobile conversation. Donny explains to Lez how all the boys have left the SSS and are still tripping out and trekking through the bush. He passes the phone to Sassy, who is clearly having a wonderful time and tells Lez how Donny was sprinting down the mountain whilst tripping and leaving Sassy alone. Sassy says that he saw a marsupial lion, patted it on the head, gave it a bellyscratch and some toast - which Lez is confused on how he even got toast - before the others show up and Nolan and Lez chat. Lez thanks his mates for having his back, which rouses the boys' spirits and Sassy says "Any cunt wants to fuck with you mate, we'll fucking kill 'em mate!" Donny signs off the call, leaving Lez flying alone in the spaceship as he utters "So it begins."

Personality Edit

Leslie has a Kiwi-Australian accent which drifts between the two. He is forceful and physically tough, but wears a pink singlet and fancies bobble-heads and Glendolls. He's generally laid back but won't pass up opportunities to do drugs and go on impulsive journeys. Lez is highly vengeful and focused behind his glasses and tries to avoid getting too fucked up on drugs. He is very close to his friends; Donny, Nolan, Warning Guy, Wayne-O, Scruffy, Sergio, and Owly. His best friend however is Sassy, who is the closest thing he's had to a true brother (most of the time) as Norton betrayed him. Despite being a brutal and merciless fighter and using strong language in almost every sentence, he is very caring of those he cares about; including his adopted son Quinton, whom he is very strict on raising but still thinks of as a son.

Due to being from Kingdom Cum, he does have rare abilities that humans do not; such as super inhuman strength, near invulnerability, the ability to survive extreme wounds, and a rough and dirty way of fighting.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. The Flowers
  2. The Volcano Bong
  3. Norton's Revenge
  4. Meet Mike Nolan
  5. Day at the Beach
  6. Fathers Day
  7. Quintons Birthday
  8. The Cliff Hanger
  9. Lez and Quinton Charge the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster
  10. The Brutal Truth
  11. Choomah Island

Season 2Edit

  1. They're Back
  2. The Trippa Snippa
  3. Where's the Gold
  4. Birthday Bash
  5. Busted
  6. Life in the Can
  7. Never Again Land
  8. Goin' Back
  9. Attack of the Choomahs (Part 1)
  10. Attack of the Choomahs (Part 2)