"I hope you're happy Leslie, you birthday"

  Norton Sparkles
Norton Sparkles
Gender Male
Hair Blond

Place of Birth

Kingdom Cum

Occupation Prince of Kingdom Cum (Formerly)



Leslie Mackeral (Brother)

King Larinnox (Father)

Quinton (Adopted Nephew)

First Appearance "The Flowers "
Status Deceased
Series lifespan "The Flowers " to Choomah Island 2

Norton Sparkles is the brother of Leslie 'Big Lez' Mackeral, and the second son of the king of Kindom Cum. He he appears as the Main Antagonist of the first season of The Big Lez Show, as well as a Secondary Antagonist in Season 2 and Season 3.

Norton is heard and seen watching TV shows such as: Gossip Sluts and Ready Steady Cook (as the theme song is heard during "The Cliff Hanger")

Kingdom Cum

Norton Sparkles lived with his dad, the king and Leslie. When his dad announced that he was choosing who he was going to give the crown to, Norton and Leslie celebrated with a party. But Norton spiked Leslie's drink with an unknown drug, but Leslie does the same thing. They don't remember what happened that night but when they woke up their dad was standing over them,showing them the damage that they had caused in Kingdom Cum. So his dad banished them.

When they landed in Australia, they went their separate ways. But somehow ended up living on the same street.

Season 1

Norton Sparkles lives on the opposite side of the road to Leslie, he likes to grow his flowers (that keep getting wrecked by Lez) and watch the TV shows like Gossip Sluts. In 'Norton's Revenge' he craps in Lez's mailbox as revenge for ruining his flowers. Lez later gets revenge on him by throwing his old letterbox into his house breaking his window. Then with Police Officer of Brown Town by wacking golf balls into his house, breaking Norton's windows again which Lez and the officer find amusing. Norton than takes a crap in Lez's mailbox again causing them to fight (smashing Norton's window for the third time by tackling eachother into the window). They are forced to reveal their origins to Quinton when he says "oh yeah so you both have fuckin super strength and survive a fuckin explosion" when Lez drives Norton's car into his garage making a big explosion and they are still unharmed.

Season 2

In 'birthday bash' Lez cuts out the power to Norton's house and breaks in. He looks at his pictures and finds out that Norton is in collaboration with the Choomahs and Cecil the Sasquatch. When Lez gets arrested for giving Norton 'birthday punches' (assualt) and falsely accused of murdering a sack of cute puppies , Norton takes custody of Quinton. After the infestation of the Choomahs, Lez goes to Norton's house, knocks him out and takes Quinton home with him.

Season 3

Lez confronts Norton again and forces him to reveal he is working for King Larrinox. He says that Dad he has 'big plans' ahead and says Lez can't stop their father for what he plans ahead. Lez just says he'll kill him and Norton too if he is working for King Larrinox.

Choomah Island 2 and Death

After getting lost in the jungle, Lez sneaks up the hill next to it and discovers Norton and a pink spaceship. Norton is startled and Lez chases after him. Norton is eventually cornered against a sheer cliff. Norton says Lez can't kill him because he has answers to lots of things. He reveals why Kingdom Cum was destroyed, what King Larrinox is planning and also about cyborg policemen. Norton tries to trick him into being kind and telling Lez to join him and King Larrinox as a family again. Although Lez states that Norton is everything he would've become if he'd made the wrong choices, a fuckwit, Norton still attempts to persuade Lez but slowly pulls a knife out from behind his back. He hugs Lez and prepares to shank him. Just as he is about to kill him, Lez reveals he has a pink gun and shoots Norton. Injured, Norton fall's to his knees and utters his last words ("fuck you"). Lez shoots him several times, before killing his brother with a shot to his head.


Norton's death was mentioned several times. Sassy stated that Lez should've left him with a self defense wound, and that he would've gotten bitten by a Brown Snake while gardening a week later. Norton's death will most likely come up a few times in Season 4, and will probably give Lez trauma.

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  1. The Flowers
  2. Norton's Revenge
  3. Meet Mike Nolan (mentioned)
  4. Fathers Day (mentioned)
  5. The Cliff Hanger
  6. The Brutal Truth (flashback)

Season 2Edit

  1. They're Back
  2. The Trippa Snippa
  3. Where's The Gold
  4. Birthday Bash
  5. Life in the Can (mentioned)
  6. Attack of the Choomahs Part 1 (mentioned)
  7. Attack of the Choomahs Part 2

Season 3Edit

  1. Popcoin (flashback)
  2. Bindi's
  3. Moist

Choomah Island 2 (Death)Edit

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