"Oh fuck!"

-Nugget Man
Nugget Man
Nugget Man
Gender Male
Hair None

Place of Birth


Occupation None
Family None
First Appearance "Choomah Island "
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Choomah Island " to Present

Not much is known about Nugget Man such as his real name, however he has connections with Cecil and Bumble Brutus.


During a small after credits scene, back on Choomah Island, it is a rainy and stormy night. Nugget Man informs Cecil the Sasquatch that Bumble Brutus has been killed, and the intruders have found a way off the island. Cecil then declares war.

After Lez and the gang return to Choomah Island, Ellis Warnington and Sergio are out looking for Lez when suddenly Nugget Man is spotted, Nugget Man notices them and instantly calls for Cecil to come. Whilst Ellis Warnington takes care of Cecil, Sergio goes off to tie Nugget Man in a net and he is last seen in Norton's UFO.

His body closely resembles Clarence's head, which may suggest that he was a man transformed into the creature by the same process as Clarence.