"The Flowers" introduces the main characters of the series; Big Lez, the show's protagonist, his next-door neighbour Sassy the Sasquatch, his young son Quinton, and his other neighbour Norton from across the road. This episode establishes the rivalry between neighbours Lez and Norton, and also hints at the presence of a second antagonist with the appearance of an unidentified yellow creature at the end of the video, both of which foreshadow the extensive conflict that is to follow in later episodes. the nugget man is seen in the background when lez is speaking to sassy.

The Flowers
Season 1, Episode 1
Air Date July 16, 2012


Written by

Jarrad Wright

Izak Whear

Tom Hollis

Voiced and animated by Jarrad Wright
Characters In order of appearance:
  • Big Lez
  • Norton Sparkles
  • Sassy the Sasquatch
  • Quinton
  • An undistinguished Choomah
Views 642,121 (30 December 2014)
Preceded By Show Started
Succeeded By The Volcano Bong


The beginning of Season 1 introduces the main characters of the show. Big Lez is seen sitting on his front lawn, watching his brother, Norton Sparkles, plant a small collection of flowers in his front yard. After Lez berates his brother, Norton runs inside his house, yelling curses. After Norton retreats into his house, Lez gets up and trashes his flowers.

Quinton comes out of the house with a phone and gives it to Lez. Norton is on the phone, and exclaiming that he saw Lez trash his newly planted flowers with his CCTV camera. Lez blames it on the local teenagers, as Sassy says in the background "You just told me you did it". Norton claims that he will have his revenge.

Credits Edit

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